These Socks Are Forked

This brand-new heel turn technique, the “forked heel,” will win over die-hard devotees of short-row and heel-flap techniques alike, thanks to the extra heel room and more anatomically correct shape.

Note how the forked heel helps the patterned area in the sock curve gently around the ankle-bone, keeping the heel in place and helping to prevent wear and holes in a very sensitive area of the sock.

To compliment the devilishly clever forked-heel technique, saucy forked-tongue flames lick up the sides of the instep and the cuff, warming you up in spirit even as the days cool down.

Pattern Info


32 sts/48 rows


380 yards for up to size 10 women's sock




Knitting, purling, knitting in the round, short rows, cabling, lace, reading charts